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Wizarding World / Internet of Things clock using a Raspberry Pi 19 Jan
UnWAPping Hermione 17 Jan
Windows IoT uses cognitive API to identify callers and then opens a door with a Raspberry Pi 18 Jan
Light framework for reading and sending sensor data written in C++/C# for the Raspberry Pi 18 Jan
French Raspberry Pi website containing tutorials, news and downloads 18 Jan
One last sanity check 18 Jan
Mycroft – an open source artificial intelligence voice processor for the Raspberry Pi 18 Jan
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Hermione’s proof of the pudding 17 Jan
Hermione’s progress 17 Jan
A project to build a Raspberry Pi Zero-driven mobile phone 16 Jan
Introducing the Raspberry Pi Compute Module CM3 16 Jan
Compute Module 3 launched by Raspberry Pi 16 Jan
IQaudIO releases new audiophile add-on board for the Raspberry Pi 16 Jan
Raspian Jessie Lite installation instructions 14 Jan
Friday Post: 2017! New Year New Stuff! 7 Jan
RPi High End Audio:’s High End Audio Bundle 22 Dec
30s with, 20 Dec
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Cluster mining 28 Dec
Cluster tracking 29 Dec
On a cold winter’s morning 5 Jan
Zoe++ 10 Jan
First lateral flight plan. 12 Jan
She cannae take any more, Captain! 13 Jan
2017 Raspberry Pi Challenges 6 Jan
Amazon Dash Button Hack – Silent Doorbell 5 Jan
RGB LED Christmas Tree by PocketMoneyTronics 19 Dec
The MagPi reviews media centre operating system LibreElec 7.0 6 Jan
Running PIXEL Desktop on a PC or Mac 21 Dec
NatureBytes Raspberry Pi-powered nature camera comes to The Pi Hut 6 Jan
Build a motion-activated security camera with the Raspberry Pi Zero 6 Jan
Raspberry Pi Foundation launches first Pioneers theme – Comedy! 9 Jan
Louisiana Raspberry Jam – 25th March 2017 9 Jan
Muggles beware – this Harry Potter-inspired Daily Prophet newspaper uses a Raspberry Pi for a little Wizarding magic! 10 Jan
Robotic Raspberry Pi-driven bomb squad for developing countries 11 Jan
Accio Raspberry Pi! Control a gesture-sensitive lamp with a Harry Potter wand 11 Jan
Plant monitoring kit from SwitchDoc Labs uses a Raspberry Pi to look after your growing environment 11 Jan
French car manufacturer’s open source car uses two Raspberry Pis 13 Jan
Access your Raspberry Pi Remotely using Dataplicity 6 Jan
Great collection of Raspberry Pi project resources from Les Pounder 14 Dec
An oscilloscope and function generator created using a Raspberry Pi and a PIC32 14 Dec
Fly colony relies on artificial intelligence software run on a Raspberry Pi 14 Dec
Pimoroni announces new HAT for the Raspberry Pi that uses a new Android OS! 13 Dec