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Leeds Raspberry Jam – 4th January 2017 today
Making a Raspberry Pi motion tracking nerf gun turret today
Getting Started with the Matrix Creator – Sensor Box yesterday
New Kickstarter seeks to put Retro Gaming back in your hands via a Raspberry Pi Zero yesterday
Nice interview with Pi-Top founder Jesse about the development of this Raspberry Pi-based company yesterday
Last few days for the Maketronix Alarm – build your own Raspberry Pi-powered alarm system yesterday
Christmas Shopping Guide from the Raspberry Pi Foundation yesterday
RasPiO Portsplus Picademy – NEW product. yesterday
Irritations and Innovations 6 Dec
New products from Ozzmaker add GPS to their Raspberry Pi range 6 Dec
Sensors galore in this great guide to components suitable for using with the Raspberry Pi 5 Dec
Mobile network / Internet of Things add-on boards campaign for the Raspberry Pi adds a video streaming pledge level 5 Dec
Free online training courses from the Raspberry Pi Foundation teach you about physical computing and primary education 5 Dec
Pi Wars – spectator tickets now available! 5 Dec
Using an old television to create a Raspberry Pi fireplace 5 Dec
CamJam videos from Saturday are available for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts 5 Dec
Kosovo Pi Wars – bringing robotic magic to Eastern Europe with Raspberry Pis 2 Dec
What music do birds like? Find out with a Raspberry Pi, a camera, and loads of tunes! 2 Dec
Loop video files the easy way with a Raspberry Pi and MP4Museum 2 Dec
Live Cold Fusion Test 2 Dec
Christmas 2016 Raspberry Pi Giveaway – fill in a form, win prizes! 2 Dec
Drawing your attention to a ridiculously useful Raspberry Pi site: 1 Dec
Slack client for the Commodore 64 uses Raspberry Pi to connect to the outside world 1 Dec
The Internet of Things just got stranger with this Raspberry Pi alphabet lighting system 1 Dec
Nixie Tube tweet photographer using a Raspberry Pi 1 Dec
Cambridge Raspberry Jam – this Saturday – programme & streaming details 1 Dec
Future Publishing launches new Pi User magazine for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts 30 Nov
Raspbian updated to disable SSH by default on the Raspberry Pi 30 Nov
PiPod Podcast – a quick update 30 Nov
Diagnoses and Cures 30 Nov
In the deep mid winter 29 Nov
Egham Raspberry Jam – 22nd January 2017 28 Nov
In the deep mid winter 28 Nov
Pi-Top giving away Pi-Tops and CEEDs, including Raspberry Pis, to the winners of their fiendish Christmas programming competiti 28 Nov
Internet of Things Christmas tree uses Alexa and a Raspberry Pi 28 Nov
Raspberry Pi 5th Birthday Weekend – 4th-5th March 2017 28 Nov
RPiTC v3 1.11 release available 26 Nov
Black Friday deals galore with Raspberry Pi retailers 25 Nov
New issue of The MagPi magazine for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts is out 24 Nov
I don’t do free advertising but 23 Nov
Garmin LiDAR-Lite V3 crass discrepancy 23 Nov
Salad bowl 23 Nov
Raspberry Pi Family photo update November 2016 23 Nov
New resources from the Raspberry Pi Foundation help you to drill into Weather Station data 23 Nov
Raspberry Pi Foundation launches Pioneers initiative #MakeYourIdeas 23 Nov
The Pi Hut re-launches website with 1000s of new maker products 23 Nov
The MagPi Translated Edition launched – 4 new languages for the official Raspberry Pi magazine 22 Nov
Industrial use of the Raspberry Pi – Peugeot Citroen 22 Nov
First official 64-bit operating system released for the Raspberry Pi 3 22 Nov
New Zero-sized power supply solution for the Raspberry Pi supporting a range of input voltages 22 Nov