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RasPiO GPIO Zero Ruler 21 Jul
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GPIO Zero reference ruler for the Raspberry Pi – new Kickstarter 19 Jul
Controlling the Raspberry Pi using Bluetooth on the micro:bit 18 Jul
ARM Holdings set to be taken over by Japanese company 18 Jul
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Create a System Health Dashboard for your Raspberry Pi 11 Jul
10 Raspberry Pi Zero project ideas 11 Jul
Cambridge Raspberry Jam – Saturday 17th September – #rjam #raspberrypi 11 Jul
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Mailbag July 2016 overview of PaPirus Zero, Displayotron Hat, Wombat board, PiOT relay board, PiUPS+, Motozero, Zeroview 8 Jul
Nine year-old wins Tech4Good prizes with a Raspberry Pi asthma monitor 7 Jul
Robotic Arm 1 7 Jul
Review of the RoboHAT for the Raspberry Pi by MagPi magazine 6 Jul
Potton Pi & Pints – 20th August – Raspberry Jam in a pub! – Bedfordshire #rjam 6 Jul
Build a spectrum analyzer with two Pimoroni pHATs and a Raspberry Pi Zero 5 Jul
Raspberry Pi controlled coffee roaster from a popcorn popper 5 Jul
Electronics for Kids – book review 5 Jul
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Adventures in Coding – book review 4 Jul
Raspberry Pi Zero with accelerometer and tiny, tiny screen 2 Jul
Build a wearable time-lapse camera with a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 Jul
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Pi Wars 2017 – challenges and dates announced for Raspberry Pi robotics competition / #PiWars 30 Jun
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Introduction to LiPo batteries by Average Man – definitely worth reading 28 Jun
360 degree panorama camera using 10 Raspberry Pis! 28 Jun
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Adding an OBD-II readout to your car with a Raspberry Pi 26 Jun