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<style> body.view_post { overflow: auto; padding: 0 20px; } body.view_post #raspihub_toolbar { padding: 0 20px; margin-left: -20px; margin-right: -20px; } </style> <div> <h1>Best roast beef ever</h1> <p>I cooked tri-tip with my Raspberry Pi controlled sous vide water bath today. It came out brilliantly – on a par with the best Chateaubriand I’ve had (which for the record was at Casa Ferlin in Zurich – well worth a visit if you’re ever in that neck of the</p> <p>Your browser doesn't support frames, here's the link <a href="http://blog.thestateofme.com/2013/04/07/best-roast-beef-ever/" rel="nofollow">http://blog.thestateofme.com/2013/04/07/best-roast-beef-ever/</a></p> </div>