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<style> body.view_post { overflow: auto; padding: 0 20px; } body.view_post #raspihub_toolbar { padding: 0 20px; margin-left: -20px; margin-right: -20px; } </style> <div> <h1>RasPiO InsPiring – a new system of RGB LED boards controllable by Pi and just about anything</h1> <p>I’ve been playing with RGB LEDs on and off over the last year or so. They’re amazing things. It’s incredible to me that something so small can produce such bright and brilliantly coloured light. I’ve played with the Adafruit DotStar Pi Painter project (us</p> <p>Your browser doesn't support frames, here's the link <a href="http://raspi.tv/2017/raspio-inspiring-a-new-system-of-rgb-led-boards-controllable-by-pi-and-just-about-anything" rel="nofollow">http://raspi.tv/2017/raspio-inspiring-a-new-system-of-rgb-led-boards-controllable-by-pi-and-just-about-anything</a></p> </div>