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<style> body.view_post { overflow: auto; padding: 0 20px; } body.view_post #raspihub_toolbar { padding: 0 20px; margin-left: -20px; margin-right: -20px; } </style> <div> <h1>Amazon Dash Button Hack – Silent Doorbell</h1> <p>Constantly looking out the window so that you can intercept visitors before they ring the doorbell? Tired of the dogs and baby going crazy anytime it rings? Don’t want to spend a fortune on a “smart” solution? Making a silent doorbell is as easy as hackin</p> <p>Your browser doesn't support frames, here's the link <a href="http://blog.initialstate.com/amazon-dash-silent-doorbell/" rel="nofollow">http://blog.initialstate.com/amazon-dash-silent-doorbell/</a></p> </div>