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Add personality to your projects with the McRoboFace for the Raspberry Pi yesterday
WiFi Whisperer is a creepy use of the Raspberry Pi, but effective yesterday
Robot face conversation using Sonic Pi on a Raspberry Pi yesterday
Giveaway to celebrate my Raspberry Pi Birthday 22 Jun
Birmingham Eagle Labs Raspberry Jam – 13th August 22 Jun
Draw spider charts on your Raspberry Pi with Python 22 Jun
For when you absolutely have to have EVERYTHING controlled by a Raspberry Pi 21 Jun
Charming website shows what to do with your Raspberry Pi 21 Jun
New Pi Podcast is out for Raspberry Pi people – educator interviewed, plus all the news 20 Jun
Get started with Grove sensors with the GrovePi-Zero 20 Jun
Embedding a Raspberry Pi Zero in a Robosapien 18 Jun
Retroscreen 17 Jun
Create a two-person nuclear activation device with Raspberry Pi 17 Jun
ModMyPi PiOT Relay Board Review 16 Jun
New Enviro pHAT for the Raspberry Pi launched by Pimoroni 16 Jun
PaPiRus Zero for the Raspberry Pi – video walk-round 16 Jun
Make A Full HD 15.6 inch Screen for $32 for your Raspberry Pi, DSLR or Video Camera 16 Jun
Leigh Hackspace Raspberry Jam – Saturday 18th June (THIS SATURDAY) 15 Jun
Interview with Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton and a chance for a Masterclass 14 Jun
LED bar graph driven from Sonic Pi using the RasPiO ProHAT and a Raspberry Pi 14 Jun

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