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Mudra: a Braille dicta-teacher yesterday
Phoebe’s new frame 13 Apr
Review of ProtoLab breakout board for the #RaspberryPi from AlienSpec yesterday
Program the ATtiny85 from the #RaspberryPi yesterday
Lumsing 11000mAh Li-on Battery Power Bank Test 12 Apr
Books, the digitising and text-to-speechifying thereof 15 Apr
HDMIPi screens are a step closer for #RaspberryPi users 15 Apr
Foundation focus: Programming in Minecraft with the #RaspberryPi 15 Apr
Review of the MEKIT #RaspberryPi Plate 15 Apr
Picademy Day One write-up – #RaspberryPi teacher CPD at Pi Towers! 15 Apr
CMIO ProtoBoard – first layout 14 Apr
New Board – MiniPiio SimpleIO 14 Apr
MagPi issue 22 14 Apr
Potton Pi & Pints – nice write-up 13 Apr
Making time lapse videos with the #RaspberryPi camera and a Windows machine 13 Apr
BitScope Micro Questions & Answers 12 Apr
Cambridge Raspberry Jam – booking now open 12 Apr
Friday Post: PyCon 2014 – Hello Montreal! 12 Apr
An Emulated Commodore 64 Operating System for the Raspberry Pi @Raspberry_Pi #piday #raspberrypi 11 Apr
Raspberry Pi Hardware Announcement 9 Apr

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