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Amplified Voice Changer using a Raspberry Pi Zero yesterday
Raspberry Pi 2 vs 3 Current Consumption During Boot yesterday
Ipswich Raspberry Jam – Saturday, 6th May 21 Mar
Raspberry Pi Towers Jam – 8th April 20 Mar
How to do SMT Surface Mount Soldering by hand 20 Mar
No-fly drones 19 Mar
Norwich Raspberry Jam – 27th May – Raspberry Pi enthusiasts of the East unite! 17 Mar
Bright LED arrow/pointer prototyped on a Raspberry Pi and run with a Wemos ESP8266 board 17 Mar
Make an LED Arrow Sign with RasPiO InsPiRing 17 Mar
Lovely community profile of Alex Eames over at Raspberry Pi 16 Mar
Raspberry Pi passes Commodore 64 sales and becomes the third most popular platform of all time (?) 16 Mar
Pi Day Giveaway! 15 Mar
New audio and midi interface board for the Raspberry Pi – pisound 14 Mar
Arrow.com Promotion – Free Raspberry Pi 3* 14 Mar
piNet 14 Mar
Raspberry Pi celebrates Birthday Weekend event with a special video – can you spot yourself? 13 Mar
Egham Raspberry Jam – Sunday, 30th April 12 Mar
Stats analysis 11 Mar
Make an internet clock with RasPiO Inspiring and a Raspberry Pi Zero W 10 Mar
How to make an internet clock with NTP, Pi Zero W and RasPiO InsPiRing 10 Mar

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