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Leeds Raspberry Jam – 4th January 2017 today
Making a Raspberry Pi motion tracking nerf gun turret today
Getting Started with the Matrix Creator – Sensor Box yesterday
New Kickstarter seeks to put Retro Gaming back in your hands via a Raspberry Pi Zero yesterday
Nice interview with Pi-Top founder Jesse about the development of this Raspberry Pi-based company yesterday
Last few days for the Maketronix Alarm – build your own Raspberry Pi-powered alarm system yesterday
Christmas Shopping Guide from the Raspberry Pi Foundation yesterday
RasPiO Portsplus Picademy – NEW product. yesterday
Irritations and Innovations 6 Dec
New products from Ozzmaker add GPS to their Raspberry Pi range 6 Dec
Sensors galore in this great guide to components suitable for using with the Raspberry Pi 5 Dec
Mobile network / Internet of Things add-on boards campaign for the Raspberry Pi adds a video streaming pledge level 5 Dec
Free online training courses from the Raspberry Pi Foundation teach you about physical computing and primary education 5 Dec
Pi Wars – spectator tickets now available! 5 Dec
Using an old television to create a Raspberry Pi fireplace 5 Dec
CamJam videos from Saturday are available for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts 5 Dec
Kosovo Pi Wars – bringing robotic magic to Eastern Europe with Raspberry Pis 2 Dec
What music do birds like? Find out with a Raspberry Pi, a camera, and loads of tunes! 2 Dec
Loop video files the easy way with a Raspberry Pi and MP4Museum 2 Dec
Live Cold Fusion Test 2 Dec

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