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Southend Raspberry Jam – Monday 2nd May (THIS MONDAY!) yesterday
GoPiGo kit from Dexter Industries used in classroom’s robotic soccer yesterday
Raspberry Pi controlled vegetable irrigation system yesterday
Web-controlled Raspberry Pi robot with streaming video 29 Apr
Raspberry Pi magazine The MagPi – issue 45 out now 29 Apr
Raspberry Pi 2 on clearance at The Pi Hut 29 Apr
Kano Computer Kit First Impressions 28 Apr
View and analyze the Astro Pi data in your web browser 28 Apr
SIMON – 80’s classic physical gaming with a Raspberry Pi 28 Apr
String Art machine creates beautiful masterpieces with a Raspberry Pi 28 Apr
New and old Raspberry Pi Camera comparison shots (1.3, 2.1 & NOIR) 26 Apr
Comparison of the Raspberry Pi camera modules 28 Apr
Introducing The Kano Kit! 27 Apr
Full Minecraft game running on a Raspberry Pi 3 27 Apr
Analyze the Astro Pi Space Data in Your Web Browser 27 Apr
How To Free Up Some Space On Your Raspbian SD Card? Remove Wolfram & LibreOffice 27 Apr
How to free up space on your Raspberry Pi SD card 27 Apr
Ryanteck launches USB compatible Raspberry Pi GPIO header on Kickstarter 26 Apr
New Pi Podcast features Raspberry Pi balloonist Dave Akerman 26 Apr
Nottingham Raspberry Jam – Saturday, 28th May 25 Apr

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